SeaWorld Orlando

At SeaWorld you can experience the awe-inspiring power and beauty of the sea and marine life. Get up-close to all of its mesmerizing creatures – gentle manatees, graceful dolphins, playful penguins, fascinating sharks and so much more.

From the tiniest starfish to the ocean’s biggest star, Shamu, SeaWorld is alive with the ocean’s wonders. Connect with the sea underwater and connect with the air on coaster adventures where you’ll brave watery beasts and feel like a flying ray.  . . The sea is a stage, where dolphins dance on water, whales swim in the sky, and spectacle and colour are around every turn. Here, borders are erased and the possibilities are boundless.


There’s no other place on earth like SeaWorld

The bakery at SeaWorld is also excellent value with fabulous cakes on sale.  There are no places where you can buy a quick snack like in many of the other parks; more sit down restaurants.  The Oceanaire Seafood Restaurant certainly has an amazing view of sharks and fish of all sizes, and tropical fish in its bar top.  It is a great place to enjoy a meal or to drink a very reasonably priced drink.   If you do not wish to buy expensive meals, a hearty all you can eat breakfast before you arrive at the park is a good money saving tip.

SeaWorld Orlando's Bands, Brew & BBQ is the park's yearly spring-time event featuring--you guessed it--Bands, Brew, and BBQ!  Occurring on February 1 through March 9, 2014, the event takes place along the walkway stretching from the WaterFront area to Bayside Stadium.  Guests get to enjoy a sampling of food and drinks from local restaurants in a beer garden atmosphere.  In the afternoon there is a free concert at Bayside Stadium. 

To be perfectly honest, Bands, Brew & BBQ might be the most underrated theme park event in Orlando.  The walkway area, where the booths are set up, is very conducive to taking a stroll, trying a bite of food here, a brew there, and repeat. Dare it be said, the event feels a little bit like Epcot's International Food & Wine Festival.


But what really helps the event is that it takes place during the day.  Unlike Universal Studios Mardi Gras, which doesn't really kick off until dusk, this event let's you have some fun in the sun!  And after a long winter, that's exactly what you want to do.  Also, that part of SeaWorld is quite beautiful.

The other really fun aspect of this event is the stadium itself, where the free concerts are held.  It has an outdoor amphitheater style to it, so it's tough to get a bad seat.  Also, the band performs on what appears to be floating stage, which looks cool.

All of this is included with park admission (well, you'll have to pay for the brew and BBQ).